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Welcome to Claygate Sport Horses

Dedicated to the production and promotion of Selle Francais sport horses.


The Selle Francais is the epitome of what a sport horse should be, athletic, strong, good bone and muscle, intelligent with a tractable disposition. Primarily known for its excellence in show jumping, the versatile Selle Francais also excels in dressage and eventing.

Through an intensive and aggressive breeding program, the French breeders have over the past several decades, created this extraordinary breed by selectively crossing their sturdy native horses with Thoroughbred stallions. Judicious introduction of the French Anglo-Arab and French Trotter has added brilliance, agility and energy to the breed.

French sport horses have long been known for their superior jumping ability. The mixture of big-boned, solid and calm Normandy mares has been mixed over the decades with well-chosen English thoroughbreds to produce an elegant, poised and athletic animal whose intelligence and willingness will help any rider when negotiating a difficult course. their renown is world-wide.




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